Beautiful Wedding (2024) Hollywood Movie Reviews

“Beautiful Wedding” is a delightful romantic comedy that takes us on a rollercoaster ride of love, laughter, and unexpected twists. Following the success of its predecessor, “Beautiful Disaster” (2023), this sequel promises to keep audiences entertained and emotionally invested.

CastDylan Sprouse, Virginia Gardner, Rob Estes, Libe Barer, Austin North, Neil Bishop, Génesis Estévez, Emmanuel Kabongo
CinematographyTheo van de Sande
WriterRoger Kumble
DirectorRoger Kumble
ProducerDavid Shojai
Relese DateJuly 2024

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  • Alex Aiono as Father Pedrosa: The wise priest who officiates Abby and Travis’s wedding.
  • Libe Barer as America: Abby’s quirky best friend and confidante.
  • Steven Bauer as Sancho: The charming resort owner who adds a dash of romance to the mix.
  • Neil Bishop as Parker Hayes: Travis’s loyal best friend.
  • Micky Dartford as Tyler Maddox: Abby’s protective brother.
  • Rob Estes as Benny: The fun-loving uncle who spices up the party.
  • Génesis Estévez as Blanca: The sassy bridesmaid with a secret.
  • Virginia Gardner as Abby ‘Pigeon’ Abernathy: Our spirited heroine.
  • Jack Hesketh as Trenton Maddox: Travis’s adventurous brother.
  • Emmanuel Kabongo as Buzz: The mischievous bartender.
  • Declan Michael Laird as Taylor Maddox: Another Maddox brother.
  • Austin North as Shepley: Travis’s loyal friend.
  • Dylan Sprouse as Travis Maddox: Our charming and slightly reckless hero.
  • Trevor Van Uden as Thomas Maddox: Yet another Maddox brother.

The story revolves around Abby and Travis, two spirited souls who find themselves in an unusual predicament. After a wild night in Las Vegas, they wake up to discover they are married! Instead of panicking, they decide to embrace the unexpected and embark on a honeymoon adventure to Mexico with their friends and family. As they navigate the complexities of love, trust, and commitment, their journey becomes both hilarious and heartwarming.

Beautiful Wedding” has garnered $739,424 worldwide. While the film’s budget remains undisclosed, it’s evident that the heartwarming story and talented ensemble cast have resonated with audiences.

“Beautiful Wedding” celebrates love in all its messy, unpredictable glory. Whether you’re a fan of romantic comedies or simply seeking an escape from reality, this film is a delightful choice. So grab your popcorn, settle into your seat, and let Abby and Travis’s whirlwind romance sweep you off your feet!

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