Big Brother: Reindeer Games (2023)

Forget the elves and sugar plums, CBS brought an unconventional brand of holiday cheer to television this December with “Big Brother: Reindeer Games.” This six-episode miniseries transported nine returning Houseguests back to the iconic eye, not for another summer of sweating it out in the sun, but for a whirlwind of festive-themed competitions, strategic alliances, and frosty betrayals.

Cast and Crew:

Instead of the traditional sixteen-person cast, “Reindeer Games” opted for a curated selection of past champions and fan favorites. Derrick Levasseur, Tiffany Mitchell, and Jordan Lloyd donned the reins as hosts, bringing their own brand of playful commentary and strategic insight to the proceedings. Familiar faces like Britney Haynes, Danielle Reyes, Frankie Grande, and Vanessa Rousso returned, promising a clash of personalities and veteran gameplay alongside newer stars like Xavier Prather and Kyland Young. This mix of old and new provided a compelling dynamic, with past rivalries reignited and unexpected alliances forged under the mistletoe.


Unlike the traditional “Big Brother” format, “Reindeer Games” dispensed with the live feeds and lengthy episodes, delivering six tightly packed 45-minute bursts of holiday-themed hijinks. From decorating gingerbread houses on a wobbly ice rink to navigating a treacherous “Candy Cane Escape Room,” the challenges were a delightful blend of physical comedy, holiday cheer, and strategic manipulation. Alliances shifted faster than Santa’s reindeer, blindsides materialized quicker than falling snow, and hidden immunity idols (reindeer antlers, naturally) added an extra layer of festive intrigue.

But “Reindeer Games” wasn’t just about reindeer antlers and snowball fights. The series masterfully wove personal narratives into the holiday-themed chaos. We witnessed Xavier grapple with the emotional toll of playing while his wife was expecting, Vanessa navigate the complexities of returning after a controversial season, and Britney Haynes’ infectious holiday spirit spread throughout the house. These moments of vulnerability and genuine connection added depth and emotional resonance to the competitive gameplay.

Box Office and Budget:

As a television miniseries, “Big Brother: Reindeer Games” doesn’t have a traditional box office collection. However, its strong ratings and positive critical reception indicate its success in capturing the audience’s attention with its unique holiday twist on the popular reality format. The series reportedly benefited from a slightly smaller budget compared to a full season, but it utilized its resources efficiently, creating a festive atmosphere with creative challenges, high-energy editing, and a playful visual aesthetic.


The trailer for “Reindeer Games” was a whirlwind of holiday revelry, showcasing the series’ blend of festive challenges, strategic gameplay, and returning Houseguests. It teased alliances forming and crumbling quicker than gingerbread cookies, past rivalries reignited under the mistletoe, and blindsides delivered with a frosty grin. The trailer effectively captured the chaotic and entertaining nature of the series, drawing viewers in with the promise of holiday-themed mischief and fierce competition.

Final Thoughts:

“Big Brother: Reindeer Games” was a welcome Christmas gift for fans of the show and anyone seeking a lighthearted escape from the usual holiday fare. It delivered six episodes of fast-paced competition, strategic gameplay, and unexpected twists, all wrapped in a festive bow. The returning Houseguests brought their signature personalities and experience, while the holiday-themed challenges added a unique twist to the familiar format. “Reindeer Games” proved that sometimes, the best holiday magic involves reindeer antlers, strategic evictions, and a dollop of festive chaos. So, put down the eggnog, grab your remote, and settle in for a six-episode sleigh ride of holiday hijinks and Houseguest heists. Just remember, in this game of “Reindeer Games,” even Santa Claus isn’t safe from a strategically timed snowball.

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