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In the summer of 2023, “Corner Office” arrived on the scene, promising a darkly comedic take on cubicle culture’s absurdity. With Jon Hamm in the lead and a premise rife with potential, the film garnered considerable buzz. But did it deliver on its promises? Let’s dissect the labyrinthine experience that is “Corner Office.”

Cast and Crew:

Hamm embodies Orson, a man clinging to the tattered edges of corporate ambition. Danny Pudi plays Rakesh, Orson’s enigmatic deskmate, and Sarah Gadon takes on Ava, the enigmatic office siren. Behind the camera, Joachim Back (“The Shamer”) directs a script by Ted Kupper.


Orson stumbles into a new gig at “The Authority,” a monolithic corporation shrouded in peculiar bureaucracy. Navigating the office’s bizarre ecosystem, he clashes with Rakesh’s zen-like detachment and grapples with the alluring, manipulative Ava. His alienation deepens when he stumbles upon a hidden room within the building, a space that unlocks unexpected abilities and fuels his ambition.

The film unfolds like a surreal fever dream, blending satire with elements of sci-fi and psychological thriller. Orson’s newfound powers blur the lines between reality and perception, as he manipulates colleagues and bends the office’s rules to his will. But are these powers a blessing or a curse? As the narrative plunges deeper into the rabbit hole, Orson confronts the hollowness of corporate ambition and the price of sacrificing his humanity.

Box Office and Budget:

Despite promising trailers and a talented cast, “Corner Office” underperformed at the box office, barely recouping its $25 million budget. Some critics found the film’s satire too blunt, while others praised its originality and dark humor.

Release Date and Trailer:

The film premiered in August 2023, accompanied by a trailer that cleverly showcased the film’s blend of humor and mind-bending mystery.

Final Thoreau:

“Corner Office” is a film that demands a second glance. Its critique of corporate culture, though heavy-handed at times, resonates with its dark humor and absurdist approach. Hamm delivers a nuanced performance as Orson, a man teetering on the edge of sanity, while Pudi and Gadon add layers of intrigue to the proceedings. However, the film’s ambiguous ending and tonal shifts may leave some viewers wanting more.

Ultimately, “Corner Office” is a film that thrives on its audacity. It’s a wild ride through the corporate labyrinth, a darkly comedic commentary on the pursuit of power and the perils of losing oneself in the rat race. Whether you find it hilarious, perplexing, or both, there’s no denying that “Corner Office” leaves a lasting impression.

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