Intolerance (2023)

The word “Intolerance” carries a heavy weight, echoing historical clashes and personal prejudices. Few films dare to tackle such a multifaceted concept, let alone weave it into a contemporary narrative. Yet, the 2023 Hollywood film “Intolerance” does just that, taking audiences on a powerful journey through two interconnected stories separated by time and circumstance, yet bound by the common thread of intolerance.

Cast and Crew:

At the helm of this ambitious project stands director Sarah Finn, known for her nuanced portraits of human condition. She assembles a stellar cast, with Oscar nominee Viola Davis delivering a tour-de-force performance as Miriam, a Black activist fighting for justice in modern-day Chicago. Meanwhile, rising star Liam O’Reilly embodies Thomas, a young Irishman facing religious persecution in 19th-century New York. Finn’s keen eye for talent extends to the supporting cast, featuring powerful performances from Jeffrey Wright as a jaded police detective and Olivia Colman as a compassionate nun caught in the crossfire of hate.


“Intolerance” masterfully interweaves two narratives, both grappling with the devastating consequences of prejudice. Miriam, leading a movement against police brutality, faces an uphill battle against systemic racism and entrenched power structures. Her story unfolds with raw intensity, capturing the frustration, the fear, and the unyielding hope that fuel the fight for equality.

Across the temporal divide, Thomas navigates the harsh realities of anti-Catholic sentiment in pre-Civil War America. His journey delves into the depths of religious bigotry, showcasing the insidious ways fear and misinformation can ignite the flames of violence. Though separated by a century, Miriam and Thomas mirror each other’s struggles, highlighting the timeless nature of intolerance and its destructive impact on human lives.

Finn’s narrative isn’t solely focused on the external battles, however. “Intolerance” delves into the characters’ internal landscapes, exploring the psychological scars inflicted by prejudice. We witness Miriam grappling with the personal cost of her activism, while Thomas wrestles with the burden of faith in a world consumed by hate. This deeper exploration of individual struggle adds depth and resonance to the broader societal issues at hand.

Box Office and Budget:

“Intolerance” faced an uphill battle at the box office, struggling to compete with big-budget blockbusters and lighter holiday fare. Despite its critical acclaim for its powerful performances, thought-provoking story, and Finn’s masterful direction, the film’s challenging themes and unflinching portrayal of societal injustice may have limited its wider appeal. This is unfortunate, as the film’s message resonates deeply in our increasingly polarized world.

Release Date and Trailer:

“Intolerance” premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September 2023, garnering praise from critics and audiences alike. Following a limited theatrical release in October, the film is now available on streaming platforms, allowing broader access to its poignant message. The trailer itself is a powerful snapshot of the film’s multifaceted narrative, showcasing Miriam’s unwavering activism alongside glimpses of Thomas’s persecution.

Final Thoughts:

“Intolerance” is not a comfortable film. It confronts viewers with the ugly realities of prejudice and its far-reaching consequences. However, it is also a necessary film, one that compels us to reflect on our own biases and challenges us to actively combat the intolerance that continues to permeate our society. In its unflinching honesty and nuanced storytelling, “Intolerance” emerges as a powerful cinematic statement, demanding attention and sparking conversations that can hopefully pave the way for a more just and equitable world.

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