It Lives Inside (2024) Hollywood Movie Reviews

“It Lives Inside” is a spine-chilling supernatural horror film that delves into cultural identity, friendship, and the ancient forces that lurk in the shadows. Released in 2023, the movie takes us on a gripping journey through fear, guilt, and the unknown.

CastMegan Suri, Neeru Bajwa, Mohana Krishnan, Vik Sahay, Gage Marsh, Beatrice Kitsos, Betty Gabriel
CinematographyMatthew Lynn
WriterBishal Dutta
MusicWesley Hughes
ProducerRaymond Mansfield, Sean McKittrick
Relese DateSeptember 2024

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Tamira, now a social outcast, carries a strange glass jar. She confides in Sam, revealing that a supernatural entity from their childhood stories resides within it. Sam dismisses Tamira’s claims, but when she smashes the jar open, things take a dark turn. Tamira vanishes, and Sam discovers a notebook with cryptic Sanskrit writings.

The story revolves around Samidha (played by Megan Suri), an Indian-American high school student caught between two worlds. While her mother, Poorna, insists on preserving their cultural heritage, Sam tries to fit in with her white friends. Her budding romance with classmate Russ further distances her from her former best friend, Tamira.

As Tamira suffers daily attacks, Sam begins to feel a strange presence around her. She revisits an abandoned house that once belonged to another Indian student, Karan, who died under mysterious circumstances. Drawings on the walls depict a menacing creature, and Sam’s reality unravels.

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