Like Flowers in Sand (2023)

Korean television has a knack for weaving unique narratives, and “Like Flowers in Sand” (2023) proves no exception. This drama delves into the underbelly of the traditional Korean wrestling competition, ssireum, offering a poignant story of resilience, second chances, and the tenacious spirit of blooming amidst adversity.

Cast and Crew:

Jang Dong-yoon delivers a nuanced performance as Kim Baek-doo, a once-prodigious ssireum wrestler struggling to regain his footing after years of setbacks. Jang embodies Baek-doo’s simmering frustration, quiet vulnerability, and the flickering spark of his fighting spirit, drawing viewers into his journey. Lee Ju-myoung shines as Oh Yoo-kyung, Baek-doo’s childhood friend and confidante, a character whose supportive spirit and hidden strength prove crucial to his reawakening. The supporting cast, including Yun Jong-seok and Kim Bo-ra, add depth and humor to the narrative, portraying a ragtag team of dreamers and misfits who rally around Baek-doo’s resurgence.


“Like Flowers in Sand” unfolds in Geosan, a city where the dust of the ssireum ring settles deep into the everyday lives of its residents. Baek-doo, once a rising star, now grapples with past failures and personal demons. His dreams of ssireum glory seem to crumble with each passing day, leading him to contemplate retiring from the sport altogether. However, a chance encounter with Yoo-kyung reignites his inner fire, and together they embark on a mission to revive the Geosan County Ssireum Team and reclaim his lost passion.

The series isn’t just about physical competition; it delves into the emotional weight of ambition, failure, and redemption. We witness Baek-doo grapple with self-doubt and the sting of disappointment, while Yoo-kyung’s unwavering faith in him serves as a beacon of hope. The camaraderie and shared struggles of the Geosan team add a layer of heartwarming humor and genuine support, showcasing the transformative power of community and believing in others.

Interwoven with the ssireum narrative is a tender exploration of human connections. Baek-doo and Yoo-kyung’s childhood friendship blossoms into a mature bond of understanding and mutual respect. The series also subtly tackles themes of class disparity and societal pressures, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals who dare to dream outside the box.

Box Office and Budget:

As a TV series on ENA, “Like Flowers in Sand” doesn’t have a traditional box office collection. However, its strong ratings and positive critical reception indicate a captivated audience drawn to its unique blend of sports drama and human elements. The series reportedly boasts a modest budget, but it utilizes its resources efficiently, creating a gritty yet authentic atmosphere that reflects the lived-in world of its characters.


The trailer for “Like Flowers in Sand” is a dynamic montage of intense ssireum matches, interspersed with moments of emotional vulnerability and quiet camaraderie. Jang Dong-yoon’s passionate portrayal of Baek-doo takes center stage, showcasing his desperate determination and the gradual rekindling of his fighting spirit. The trailer avoids melodramatic cliches, opting instead for a gritty realism that effectively draws viewers into the raw world of ssireum and the struggles of its athletes.

Final Thoughts:

“Like Flowers in Sand” is not just another sports drama. It’s a celebration of human resilience, a testament to the transformative power of passion and belief, and a heartwarming portrait of finding your place in the world, even when buried under the sand. By delving into the world of ssireum, the series offers a captivating and nuanced exploration of self-discovery, second chances, and the tenacious spirit of blooming against all odds. If you’re looking for a drama that packs an emotional punch, offers genuine laughs, and leaves you rooting for the underdog, “Like Flowers in Sand” is a must-watch. Just be prepared to have your heart stirred and your spirit awakened by the inspiring journey of these unlikely heroes.

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