Made in Chelsea: Sydney (2023)

The ever-glamorous, drama-laden world of “Made in Chelsea” ventured Down Under in 2023, swapping King’s Road for Bondi Beach in the miniseries “Made in Chelsea: Sydney.” This six-episode whirlwind traded familiar cobbled streets for sun-drenched shores, injecting a fresh dose of Aussie heat and high jinks into the show’s trademark blend of romance, rivalry, and opulent escapades.

Cast and Crew:

Familiar faces from SW3 like Olivia Bentley, Tristan Phipps, and Sam Prince jet-setted across the globe, joined by a vibrant new Sydney contingent. Mimi Elasmar brought her sassy wit and entrepreneurial spirit, while Issac Bohenstra added a touch of laid-back Aussie charm and surfing prowess. Sophie Dymoke injected a dose of elegance and sass, while Reza Amiri-Garroussi, ever the suave operator, stirred the pot with his mischievous machinations. The fresh faces, combined with the established “Made in Chelsea” crew, created a dynamic mix of personalities ripe for sun-kissed scandals and poolside confrontations.


“Made in Chelsea: Sydney” followed the Chelsea set as they swapped designer boutiques for rooftop parties and glamorous yacht trips. Rivalries escalated under the scorching Australian sun, with old flames rekindled, new romances blossoming, and friendships tested by envy and betrayal. Olivia Bentley found herself torn between two suitors, while Sam Prince’s loyalty was questioned after a night of questionable decisions. Tempers flared as accusations flew during rooftop barbecues, secrets were whispered amidst Bondi waves, and alliances shifted like the Sydney weather.

Beyond the interpersonal drama, the series captured the unique charm of Sydney, showcasing its breathtaking beaches, vibrant nightlife, and laid-back Aussie attitude. From rooftop yoga sessions overlooking the harbor to lavish poolside gatherings under the stars, “Made in Chelsea: Sydney” offered a glimpse into the glamorous lives of Chelsea’s elite amidst the stunning Australian backdrop.

Box Office and Budget:

As part of Channel 4’s programming, “Made in Chelsea: Sydney” doesn’t have a traditional box office collection. However, its high viewership and social media buzz indicate its success in captivating audiences with its sun-soaked antics and drama-filled storylines. The Sydney edition attracted international attention, expanding the franchise’s reach and solidifying its status as a guilty-pleasure reality TV powerhouse.


The trailer for “Made in Chelsea: Sydney” was a sun-drenched explosion of bikini-clad bodies, luxurious cocktails, and simmering tensions. It offered a glimpse of the glamorous lifestyle awaiting the Chelsea set Down Under, hinting at the romantic entanglements, explosive arguments, and jaw-dropping revelations that promised to keep viewers glued to their screens. The trailer’s infectious energy and playful Aussie vibes effectively captured the essence of the series, attracting both loyal fans and new viewers drawn to the allure of sun, secrets, and scandal.

Final Thoughts:

“Made in Chelsea: Sydney” was a short but sweet escape to reality TV paradise. It delivered the trademark drama and outrageous behavior we expect from the franchise, served with a generous side of Australian sunshine and stunning scenery. The fresh cast additions added new dynamics and kept the storylines unpredictable, while the familiar faces ensured a sense of comfort and continuity. Whether you’re a longtime Chelsea enthusiast or a newcomer seeking a fun, escapist reality fix, “Made in Chelsea: Sydney” offers six juicy episodes of sun-kissed drama that will leave you wanting more. Just remember, sunscreen and a healthy dose of skepticism are recommended before diving into this glamorous world of poolside betrayals and beachside bonfires.

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