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In the bustling world of game shows, where trivia reigns supreme, “Quiz Lady” introduces us to Anne—a tightly wound, game show-obsessed young woman. But this isn’t your typical feel-good quiz show tale. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of laughter, family secrets, and a kidnapped pet dog named Mr. Linguini.

CastSandra Oh, Awkwafina, Jason Schwartzman, Holland Taylor, Tony Hale, Will Ferrell
CinematographyAdrian Peng Correia
DirectorJessica Yu
MusicNick Urata
ProducerAwkwafina, Jen D’Angelo, Jessica Elbaum, Will Ferrell, Maggie Haskins, Sandra Oh, Itay Reiss
Relese DateNovember 2024

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Anne’s life takes an unexpected turn when she receives a call informing her that her gambling-addict mother has vanished to Macau. The news reunites Anne with her estranged and reckless older sister, Jenny. Jenny, who had been living out of her car, temporarily moves in with Anne.

One fateful night, while Anne is engrossed in her favorite game show, “Can’t Stop the Quiz,” Jenny secretly records Anne answering every question at remarkable speed and uploads it online. The video goes viral overnight, drawing the attention of a menacing loan shark. Why? Because Anne and Jenny’s mother owes him a whopping $80,000.

The loan shark, not one to mince words, informs Anne that he has kidnapped Mr. Linguini, her beloved pet dog, as collateral. Anne, understandably distraught, blames Jenny for the mess. But Jenny has a plan—one that involves Anne’s newfound fame as the “Quiz Lady.”

As Anne faces the bright lights of the quiz show, she’s fueled by a mix of nerves and hallucinogens. The crowd watches in awe as she answers questions with lightning speed. Will Anne win enough money to rescue Mr. Linguini? Can she outwit the loan shark? And what other family secrets will surface?

“Quiz Lady” is a delightful blend of comedy, family drama, and unexpected twists. With a stellar cast led by Awkwafina and Sandra Oh, this film keeps you guessing until the very end. So grab your popcorn, root for Anne, and prepare for a quiz show like no other!

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