Squealer (2024) Hollywood Movie Reviews

“Squealer,” directed by Andy Armstrong, is a gripping horror-thriller that delves into the darkest corners of human depravity. Inspired by real events, the film takes us on a bone-chilling journey through a small town plagued by mysterious disappearances. Let’s explore the cast, story, box office collection, budget, release date, and the spine-tingling trailer of this cinematic gem.

CastWes Chatham, Theo Rossi, Tyrese Gibson, Kate Moennig, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Danielle Burgio, Mark Sipka, Sydney Carvill, Andy Armstrong, Christina Gonzalez, Rebecca Knox
DirectorAndy Armstrong
WriterAndy Armstrong, Danielle Burgio
GenreAction, Crime
ProducerJason Armstrong, Rob Goodrich
Relese DateNovember 2024

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  • Wes Chatham as Jack: The local cop determined to unravel the disturbing secrets hidden within the town.
  • Ronnie Gene Blevins as Theodore (“Squealer”): The enigmatic butcher with a sinister double life.
  • Kate Moennig as Earline: The street-smart social worker who joins forces with Jack.
  • Danielle Burgio as Lisa: A character entangled in the web of horror.
  • Graham Greene as Joe: A pivotal figure in the unfolding mystery.
  • Tyrese Gibson as Officer Paul: A law enforcement officer caught in the nightmare.
  • Theo Rossi as Danny D.: A role that adds layers of tension to the narrative.

In the quiet town of Thoreau, young women begin to vanish without a trace. Jack, the local cop, and Earline, the street-smart social worker, embark on an investigation that leads them to a remote pig farm. There, they uncover stomach-turning discoveries—more gruesome than anyone could have imagined. The town butcher, known as “Squealer,” has been slaughtering more than just livestock. His macabre secret threatens to consume them all.

“Squealer” has garnered attention for its chilling premise and stellar performances. While the exact box office figures are yet to be finalized, early reports suggest a promising reception. The film’s modest budget allowed the filmmakers to focus on storytelling and character development, resulting in an intense viewing experience.

“Squealer” is not for the faint of heart. It immerses audiences in a nightmare fueled by human darkness, where the line between predator and prey blurs. Brace yourself for a visceral experience—one that will haunt your thoughts long after the credits roll.

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