Terrifier 3 (2024) Hollywood Movie Reviews

Horror aficionados, rejoice! The spine-chilling saga of Art the Clown continues with “Terrifier 3”, the highly anticipated third installment in the Terrifier franchise. Director Damien Leone returns to helm this nightmare-inducing thrill ride, promising more gore, more scares, and more twisted creativity.

CastLauren LaVera, Elliot Fullam, Samantha Scaffidi, David Howard Thornton, Chris Jericho
CinematographyGeorge Steuber
WriterDamien Leone
DirectorDamien Leone
ProducerPhil Falcone
Relese DateOctober 2024

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  • Lauren LaVera as Sienna Shaw: LaVera brings depth to her character Sienna, a young woman caught in Art’s deadly game.
  • Elliot Fullam as Jonathan Shaw: Jonathan’s vulnerability contrasts sharply with the impending horror.
  • Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Heyes: Scaffidi’s portrayal of Victoria adds emotional weight to the chaos.
  • Chris Jericho as Burke: The wrestling legend steps into the horror genre, and his performance is electrifying.

In the quiet town of Miles County, something sinister stirs. As the townsfolk settle down for a peaceful Christmas Eve, they remain blissfully unaware of the malevolent force lurking in the shadows. That force? None other than Art the Clown, a character who has become synonymous with terror. Armed with his signature maniacal grin, Art is ready to unleash chaos upon the unsuspecting populace. Brace yourselves for a night of horror like no other.

“Terrifier 3” benefits from a significant budget increase compared to its predecessor. While “Terrifier 2” operated on a modest $250,000 budget, the threequel enjoys a low-mid seven-figure range. This boost promises enhanced production values, more elaborate practical effects, and a grander canvas for Art’s malevolence. Horror fans are eagerly awaiting the payoff at the box office.

As the clock ticks toward Christmas Eve, prepare for a sleepless night. Art the Clown awaits, ready to etch his name in horror history. Damien Leone’s commitment to his vision—uncompromising, controversial, and utterly terrifying—sets “Terrifier 3” apart. So dim the lights, hold your breath, and remember: Art never sleeps.

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