Thanksgiving (2024) Hollywood Movie Reviews

Directed by Eli RothThanksgiving is a gripping horror film that takes us on a chilling journey through the quaint town of Plymouth, Massachusetts—the very birthplace of the infamous holiday.

CastAddison Rae, Patrick Dempsey, Jalen Thomas Brooks, Nell Verlaque, Milo Manheim, Gina Gershon, Tim Dillon, Rick Hoffman, Gabriel Davenport, Tomaso Sanelli, Jenna Warren
CinematographyMilan Chadima
WriterEli Roth, Jeff Rendell
MusicBrandon Roberts
ProducerRoger Birnbaum, Eli Roth, Jeff Rendell
Relese DateNovember 2024

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The movie features a talented ensemble cast, including:

  • Patrick Dempsey: Known for his versatility, Dempsey takes on the lead role, adding depth and intensity to the character.
  • Addison Rae: The social media sensation makes her big-screen debut, bringing youthful energy and intrigue to the film.

After a chaotic Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, the town of Plymouth braces itself for Thanksgiving. But this year, something sinister lurks beneath the festive veneer. A mysterious killer, inspired by the holiday itself, begins a reign of terror. As the body count rises, the townspeople grapple with fear and suspicion.

Upon its release, Thanksgiving garnered attention for its unique premise and chilling execution. The film grossed $31.9 million in the United States and Canada, with an additional $14.6 million from international territories. Critics praised Roth’s direction and the performances of Dempsey and Rae.

Thanksgiving invites us to question our own traditions and the darkness that sometimes hides behind them. As the credits roll, we’re left pondering the true meaning of this beloved holiday.

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