The Thundermans Return (2024) Hollywood Movie Reviews

The Thundermans are back, and this time, they’re ready to save the day once again! “The Thundermans Return,” directed by Trevor Kirschner, takes us on an action-packed adventure with our favorite superpowered family. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting Hollywood movie.

CastPhoebe, Max
EditorMichael Karlich
MusicCaleb Chan
ProducerZack Olin
Relese DateMarch, 2024

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The film stars the original Thunderman family members, reprising their iconic roles:

  • Phoebe (Kira Kosarin): The level-headed twin with telekinesis.
  • Max (Jack Griffo): The mischievous twin with freeze breath.
  • Nora (Addison Riecke): The youngest Thunderman with laser eyes.
  • Billy (Diego Velazquez): The energetic brother with super speed.
  • Chloe (Maya Le Clark): The adorable baby sister with electric powers.
  • Hank (Chris Tallman): The superhero dad.
  • Barb (Rosa Blasi): The superhero mom.

“The Thundermans Return” picks up after the events of the beloved TV series. The Thundermans have been enjoying their superhero lifestyle, but when a rescue mission goes awry, they find themselves unexpectedly transported back to their hometown of Hiddenville. While Hank and Barb relish their return, Billy and Nora look forward to a normal high school life. But Max and Phoebe are determined to regain their superhero status.

The film was shot in Los Angeles, California, and production began in early April 2023. With a mix of practical effects and CGI, the budget is estimated to be around $50 million. Considering the popularity of the Thundermans franchise, box office predictions are optimistic. Fans eagerly await its release.

As fans, we’re thrilled to see our favorite superhero family back in action. Whether you’re a longtime Thundermans enthusiast or a newcomer, “The Thundermans Return” promises an entertaining blend of comedy, action, and heartwarming moments. Mark your calendars and get ready for an electrifying adventure!

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