Vyooham (2023)

As the sun dipped below the horizon on India’s political landscape, a new thriller emerged from the shadows. “Vyooham” (2023), directed by the acclaimed Ram Gopal Varma, is more than just a political drama; it’s a haunting melody of ambition, betrayal, and the chilling consequences of unbridled power.

Cast and Crew:

Sonia Akula delivers a masterful performance as Nirmala Dixit, a young police officer thrust into the murky waters of a hit-and-run case with far-reaching implications. Akula imbues Nirmala with a steely resolve that masks a vulnerability born from personal tragedy. Opposite her, Ashish Vidyarthi excels as the enigmatic politician YSR, his charismatic yet manipulative portrayal adding layers of complexity to the narrative. The supporting cast, featuring veterans like Murali Sharma and Prakash Raj, provides depth and intrigue, each character harboring their own secrets and motives within the intricate web of conspiracies.


“Vyooham” opens with the seemingly straightforward investigation of a pregnant couple’s tragic death, caused by a powerful figure’s reckless driving. However, as Nirmala delves deeper, she uncovers a web of deceit that stretches from the bustling streets of Andhra Pradesh to the corridors of power. Her dogged pursuit of truth leads her to confront a serial killer, a disgruntled Naxalite, a suspended cop, and ultimately, the chilling machinations of a terrorist organization.

The series isn’t just a chase for justice; it’s a searing indictment of unchecked ambition and the corrupting influence of power. YSR, initially presented as a wronged man, gradually reveals his ruthless hunger for control, orchestrating events and manipulating lives to satisfy his political aspirations. Nirmala, however, emerges as a beacon of hope amidst the darkness, her unyielding pursuit of truth becoming a powerful symbol of resilience against the overwhelming forces of power and deceit.

Beyond the political intrigue and dark underbelly, “Vyooham” also delves into the personal consequences of tragedy and betrayal. Nirmala grapples with the ghosts of her own past, while YSR’s path to power is paved by personal sacrifices and shattered relationships. The series weaves these emotional threads into the larger narrative, creating a tapestry of human complexity that resonates deeply with the viewers.

Box Office and Budget:

As a web series released on SonyLIV, “Vyooham” doesn’t have a traditional box office collection. However, its critical acclaim and high viewership indicate its success in captivating audiences with its gripping narrative and nuanced performances. The series reportedly boasts a substantial budget, evident in its meticulous production design, atmospheric cinematography, and high-quality special effects that bring the gritty underworld of political machinations to life with chilling realism.


The trailer for “Vyooham” is a masterclass in building suspense and intrigue. It throws viewers headfirst into the chaotic investigation, hinting at the web of conspiracies and dark secrets that await. Akula’s intense stares and Vidyarthi’s chilling smirk set the tone for a series that promises twists and turns at every corner. The trailer avoids revealing too much, opting instead to leave viewers guessing and desperate to unravel the haunting melody echoing throughout the narrative.

Final Thoughts:

“Vyooham” is more than just a political thriller; it’s a complex and nuanced exploration of power, ambition, and the human cost of corruption. The series boasts a captivating narrative, stellar performances, and a production quality that rivals cinematic standards. It delves into the darkness of the political underbelly while never losing sight of the human emotions at its core. If you’re seeking a thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat, pondering the complexities of human nature and the shadows that lurk within the corridors of power, “Vyooham” is a must-watch. Just be prepared to have your heart hammered, your mind challenged, and your soul haunted by the echoes of a truth waiting to be unearthed.

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